frequently asked questions

Where Do i pArk?

Arriving at our campus you'll find New Visitor Parking spots right up front! Our greeting team is always excited to welcome our first time guests and answer any questions you may have or direct you to locations throughout our campus. Additional parking is in the back of the church and our parking team will be available to assist you as well. Make sure you grab a Weekly Bulletin or Download our app for the best resources for the service you're attending including a Connect Card - a little bit of your contact info so we can reach out to you the following week and let you know a little more about who we are as a church.

WHat SHould i Wear?

We believe that everyone is invited to church and in that invitation is a concept that we call "Come As You Are". Some of our church members enjoy wearing their Sunday Best Cloths and some their favorite sports jersey. Jeans, biker jackets, polo collars... Everyone's invited!

WHat is a Service like?

You'll see a count down when its 5 minutes until the service starts. Usually you'll be greeted by our music/worship team who will lead a few songs and then you'll be welcomed by a service coordinator who will give you a run down of what to expect for the remained of that service. We will pass around a basket which is multipurpose; prayer request, monetary donations, or if you're new we would love to have you fill out a Connect Card and drop that in as the baskets passes. Our services generally included: Praise and Worship music (from the latest K-Love radio hits to contemporary classics and of course including some timeless hymns!), thought provoking and encouraging video elements and a speaking portion as well. 

  • What should my first response be to any tech­ni­cal issue?

    Three great steps to try to resolve any tech issue are:

    1. Refresh the page.
    2. Dou­ble-check your inter­net connection.
    3. Try using a dif­fer­ent web browser.
  • How do i sign up as a volunteer?

    This link will take you to our Give & Serve page on our website. From there you can contact the lead person for more information.

  • HOw do i find out the most recent men's and women's studies?

    If you click here or on the Ministries tab at the top of the page, it will give you the option for Men, Women, and the different children ministries.