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Creation Church has a variety of ministries to encourage one another in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and equip members with the word of God. Check out the church calendar, and latest announcements from our Sunday services for updates on what's happening in the different ministries.

men's fraternity

In 2021, the men of Creation Church began a new Men’s Fraternity, called “Winning at Work and Home” on Saturday mornings from 8:00AM to 9:00AM.  For most men, happiness and satisfaction in life are locked up in two words – work and home.  This study gives a man a game plan for winning in both arenas. 

More than just a rally or a Bible study, Men’s Fraternity provides men with an encouraging process that teachers them how to live lives of authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ and directed by the Word of God.

Men’s Fraternity was designed to help men come together and strengthen each other through weekly sessions that combine biblical teaching and small group interaction.

This time-tested resource has been used all over the world to equip men to make their pursuit of noble manhood a lifelong priority.  Creation Church is using the series to energize the men of the church and to connect with men in the community.

The men of Creation Church just completed Men’s Fraternity 1-The Quest for Authentic Manhood this past year. Their goal was to foster a community of men who are committed to following the courageous footsteps of Jesus into authentic manhood; men who will reject passivity, accept responsibility, lead courageously and invest eternally.

  • 33 The series

    Men are being told LIES about what it means to be a man…and it’s literally killing them.  They’re exhausted from the constant pressure, lonely, and feel like they never measure up.  Could there be a better way?

    33 The Series is designed to help a man discover a healthy vision for manhood and a community where he can be himself.  This video/small group series enables and encourages men to become who they’re created to be. 

    33 The Series:
    Volume 1: A Man and His Design
    Volume 2: A Man and His Story|
    Volume 3: A Man and His Traps
    Volume 4: A Man and His Work
    Volume 5: A Man and His Marriage
    Volume 6: A Man and His Fatherhood

    The men of Creation Church have gone through each 6-week study twice in the last six years.  They plan to begin the series again in January 2022.

  • iron sharpens iron

    The mission of the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference Network is to mobilize regional ministries to resource local churches with a  first class one-day equipping conference that is specifically designed for men ages 13 and older. 

    Each spring the men of Creation Church attend an ISI Men’s Conference either in Hartford, CT or Worcester, MA.  This one-day event is one of the highlights of the year for the men of the church.

  • men's breakfast/steak frys

    Each month, depending on the time of year, a Men’s Breakfast or Men’s Steak Fry is hosted by the men of the church.  These rich times of food, fun and fellowship usually include a guest speaker or personal testimony. 

  • game night

    Every winter a Game Night is hosted at the home of Pete Giles for men. Each man brings a dish of their favorite game from hunting season that year. Again, it is a great night of food, fun and fellowship for the men of Creation Church.

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